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PlayStation Move Best For Shooters Says Bioshock Infinite Dev

by William Schwartz


To anyone that has played with both Sony and Microsoft’s latest entries into the world of motion controls, you’d probably say that the PlayStation Move is more suited towards shooters, than the competition.  According to the opinion of one developer, you’d be right.  Ken Levine of Irrational Games, and the creator of Bioshock Infinite, believes that Sony’s controller is the best suited for his upcoming game.

While Irrational Games hasn’t given many details about the PlayStation Move functionality in Bioshock Infinite, Levine recently discussed what to expect in a recent interview:

We’ve got the Move controls working now back at the studio, certainly more so than we had when we announced it at E3, and really we’re just waiting for the opportunity to show that with a new piece of content. It’s working well but we still have a lot of polishing to do. Of all the motion controllers in the world, the Move is the one best suited to a first-person shooter, and a lot of PlayStation games have done a great job incorporating it. I will say that we’re discovering some great opportunities with the Skyline gameplay, but rather than show it to people with an old demo, I’d prefer to show it with a new piece of content.

Bioshock Infinite and its PlayStation Move capabilities are heading out in 2012.

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