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PlayStation Becomes an Official Sponsor of London Pride


PlayStation UK has revealed that the brand will act as one of the official sponsors of London’s Pride celebrations in support of the LGBT community. The festivities will take place in the capital of the United Kingdom from June 24th to July 9th, and will attract thousands of visitors who will feel supported by one of the most relevant brands in videogame culture.

Since the announcement was done through social media, it is unclear how much presence is the brand planning to have during the festivities, although one of the members of PlayStation Access, Holly Bennet, has confirmed the assistance of the team of PlayStation experts to the celebrations, which probably indicates some kind of public event in which the brand will showcase their latest products. And since the London Pride will occur a few days after E3, it will be an excellent chance to take their new announcements to the UK crowd.

Apart from the main parade in July 8th, London Pride will be full of special events around the city, including concerts, LGBT-themed expositions, and the Pride’s Got Talent contest in Trafalgar Square.

PlayStation is already supporting the message of inclusiveness of Pride through the hashtag #ForALLthePlayers. Other sponsors of the London Pride include Starbucks, Tesco, or NBC Universal International.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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