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PlayStation VR Is Not Recommended For People Under 12 Years Old

by Damian Seeto


The PlayStation VR headset will be out later this year on PS4 and is expected to be very popular. However, Sony has advised that the headset should not be used by gamers under the age of 12.

As noted by Eurogamer, the latest PS4 3.50 update beta has a section about “Health and Safety”. This section advises users on how to use the PlayStation VR headset.

It said:The VR headset is not to be used by children under 12 years of age. Check what is around and remove barriers before use. Take measures to prevent pets, children or other obstacles from getting into the area before use.

Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort while viewing the contents of the virtual reality. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop use immediately and remove the VR headset.”

It goes without saying that virtual reality may not be suitable for everyone. I’m guessing children under 12 might not be able to fit the headsets on their heads properly. Not to mention if you feel sick while using the headset, VR might not be good for you.

The PlayStation VR headset will be out later this year. Sony has yet to announce a specific release date or price.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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