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Pokemon Sun and Moon Game-Breaking Save Glitch Is Popping Up For Some

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon released last Friday and tons of players around the world are experiencing the latest Pokemon adventure as they travel around Alola. Back when X and Y were released, there was a major bug that caused some game-breaking issues for people and it appears Sun and Moon may have one of their own.

Right after Pokemon X and Y launched, people noticed that there was a bad glitch that involved saving in Lumiose City that had people losing their game saves entirely, thought it did get patched.

While it doesn’t appear to be quite as widespread yet, it’s sounding like history may be repeating itself. According to Serebii, there are people that are reporting major problems with saving inside Pokemon Centers and Battle Trees.

For those that this has happened to, reportedly the character model and bottom screen of the 3DS will not load, causing you to have to wipe your game save entirely due to an unplayable game save.

Nothing has been patched about this yet, and many people aren’t having any sort of issue with this either. However, you may want to take caution and not save in these areas in the meantime just in case, so that you don’t have to chance losing your game save.

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