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Project CARS Gets Its First Console Trailer


Project CARS has been in beta for over a year now. In that time, fans of the game have posted stunning screens and it’s led to a touch of jealousy amongst those with outdated PC. However, a glimmer of light has always existed for those interested in playing it – the eventual console releases.  Today, the first sign of life for Project CARS on consoles was shown in the form of a trailer. The passion behind the latest Slightly Mad Studios release. Most trailers are meant to just hype up features, while this one showcases the graphics and gives you some insight into the vision of the game.

It’s got closeups of parts moving in the car during a race and a lot of stunning views that suck you into the racing world. The cinematography in the short video was impressive, and greatly aided by the music. The only worrisome point is that while the video was guaranteed to be from gameplay, the platform that gameplay video was derived from wasn’t mentioned. Normally, the PC would be the lead platform, but with this coming to SteamOS, it’s entirely possible a high-end Steam Machine was used. That way, it could still be a console trailer technically and show off the graphics. There’s no way the Wii U version, for example, will be able to push the high-end graphics shown off here without some concessions.

Slightly Mad deserves a ton of credit for continuing with a version for that system though. They could easily abandon it and no one would blame them given how poorly the hardware has sold, but they’re sticking with it. The poll on the official side shows that a lot of people are interested in playing it on the Wii U – it got a 30% vote and is ahead of every other console version. Perhaps the novelty of the Wii U having a sim racer was the hook there, or people just want to check it out on the Gamepad. Either way, their dedication to Nintendo’s latest console is admirable.

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