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PS4 Plummets While 3DS and Vita Surge in this Week’s Japanese Hardware Sales

by Kyle Hanson


It’s time for another update from across the sea, with this week’s Japanese hardware sales figures. The holidays are keeping the numbers high all around, but we’re starting to see some drops for certain systems. Of course, handhelds are still dominating the charts, with the New 3DS simply destroying all competition. Home consoles are still doing well though, despite the inevitable drop as big releases slow toward the end of the year.

The big drop came for the PS4, which saw a huge jump last week of over 52,000 units. It hasn’t slid back to its original numbers just yet, but over 37,000 fewer PS4’s were sold this week than last. The Wii U went against this trend, gaining an extra 12,000 sales this week when compared to last. This allowed the Wii U to be the highest selling home console for the week of December 15th to the 21st.

Meanwhile handheld systems continued to top the charts, with the New 3DS LL and New 3DS taking both the first and second place positions. Both systems saw increases over last week, with the New 3DS LL jumping by 25,000 units, allowing it to reach above 100,000 total sales for the week. The PS Vita wasn’t left out in the cold though, as it grew by 8,000 units, becoming the fourth best selling system overall for the week, just behind the Nintendo powerhouses.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is still struggling to gain a foothold in Japan, with the Xbox One floundering at the bottom of the charts, behind the PS3 and Vita TV. There was a jump for the week, but only by 169 units, making for 893 total sales. Take a look at the complete chart below:

New3DS LL – 108,235
New3DS – 46,815
Wii U – 38,314
Vita – 32,834
PS4 – 30,951
3DS LL – 27,469
3DS – 13,832
PS3 – 9,956
Vita TV – 963
Xbox One – 893
Xbox 360 – 129
PSP – 6

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