Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales: Mostly Positive

by AOTF Staff
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Cover

A new week begets new weekly hardware sales numbers for the Japanese market. Things are looking up for just about every hardware unit with the exception of anything Xbox, which both see a slight fall.

This previous weeks Media Create sales are in from Japan and everyone sees a good rise. New Nintendo 3DS dips from the top spot it had a few weeks ago and loses to the older model 3DS again. The Nintendo dominance in Japan (specifically its handhelds) can be attributed to not only Super Smash Bros for 3DS but also Pokemon ORAS which took second place in the software sales for the week and Smash squeaking in at 4th place. Interestingly enough Grand Theft Auto V debut at #3 in software sales, specifically the PS4 version.

The PlayStation 4 saw a nice rise of 52,070 week over week while the Wii U saw a rise of 2,865 units. Both Xbox 360 and Xbox One hardware saw drops of 87 and 66 units respectively. This is sort of surprising since the reason for the higher sales all around is due to the holiday. If the Xbox One can’t sell well during a holiday in Japan it does not bode well for it’s future.

New 3DS LL: 38,457
Vita: 25,013
PS4: 68,041
Wii U: 27,334
New 3DS: 34,676
3DS LL: 83,041
PS3: 7,803
3DS: 157,103
Xbox One: 724
Vita TV:974
Xbox 360: 102
PSP: 8