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PS4 Slim Price and Release Date Officially Confirmed at PlayStation Meeting

by Kyle Hanson


At today’s PlayStation Meeting Sony finally unveiled the PS4 Slim, a new model of the mega-popular console. A smaller, more streamlined version of the PS4, the PS4 Slim will cost $299 and be released on September 15th.

If you were wondering what the PS4 Slim will look like all you have to do is check out the many leaks that have come out before this announcement. It seems that Sony was unable to keep things under wraps ahead of time, with unboxings and technical breakdowns already having been available for a few days.

Still, it’s good to get a final confirmation directly from Sony, and the release date is a pretty big surprise. Coming in just over a week, the PS4 Slim should be hitting store shelves very soon.

Unfortunately, while Sony made the official PS4 Slim announcement they shared little else, simply showing an image of the new console and quickly moving on to the PS4 Pro, which you can read about on our front page.

The PS4 Slim will surely be a well designed and enjoyable console, but the question is, will this be enough to get people to buy when the PS4 Pro is also available. The Xbox One S has a similar problem, and sales have seemed to be unaffected so far, so perhaps the PS4 Slim will do just fine.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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