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Rumor: First Images Of A Slim PS4 Are Posted Online

by Damian Seeto


A person has uploaded many photos online of what looks to be a legit model of the PS4 Slim. The images were previously put up on an auction website.

Thankfully, the person that was selling the device provided many of the images to Polygon. The images show that the slim PS4 has rounder edges than the original model and it’s obviously a lot thinner than before.

The box for the device says it’s 500GB and that it’s VR ready. It’s unknown at this stage if this is the Neo, or just a slim version of the current model. It’s safe to assume it’s the latter as the packaging doesn’t reveal anything that distinguishes it from the normal console.

In slightly related news, This Gen Gaming claim to have contacted the seller and details of this new model will be announced on September 7th. The rumored release date for this slim PS4 will be on September 14th, 2016. We do know the September 7th date is real as Sony announced a special PlayStation event on that day. The release date could be likely, but Sony has yet to officially announce anything at this stage.

As seen in the screenshot above, this model comes with all of the standard stuff including an HDMI cable, power cable, DUALSHOCK 4 controller and more.

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