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PS4 Update Firmware 2.50 Now Has A Release Date

by Damian Seeto


The release date for PS4 update firmware 2.50 (Yukimara) has finally been revealed.

According to the Japanese PlayStation Blog, PS4 update firmware 2.50 will be released on March 26th. This should be tomorrow for most gamers. It says delivery will start “from tomorrow” so some gamers might get the update a day after.

As many of you may know, PS4 update 2.50 comes with the suspend/resume feature. This allows you to stop gameplay, and resume it with ease. Videos have been released and you can resume playing a game in just under 15 seconds or so.

PS4 update 2.50 also comes with some improvements with trophies. A screenshot will be taken the moment you earn a trophy. You can also share video clips on Dailymotion too.

The Japanese PlayStation Blog also announced a new feature for PS4 update 2.50. This is where you can save your data on an external hard drive. You can back up and restore you PS4 data onto an external hard drive. This is very helpful if you need your data to be stored.

It’s great to see that PS4 update 2.50 is coming this week. We’ll let you know more details about the update when Sony gives us more details on it. So far, it looks like everything has been announced already.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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