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Reminder: Star Wars: Rogue One Has No Mid Or Post Credits Scene

by Damian Seeto


Just a reminder for those that are watching Star Wars: Rogue One later this week. You don’t have to stay in to watch any extra scenes or anything like that.

Don’t worry, this article will not contain any spoilers for Star Wars: Rogue One. It’s just letting you know that the movie has no mid or post credits scene that you have to watch. When the film ends and the credits roll, you can safely exit the cinema without missing anything.

Trust me, I saw the movie earlier today in New Zealand when it opened and decided to stay after the credits. All you see are the normal names of the people working on the movie and the usual film logos.

Star Wars movies don’t usually have extra scenes during the credits, but we are currently living in an era where movie studios love to chuck in a few easter eggs or sequel bait.

Post credit scenes were first popularized by Marvel as they were building towards the first Avengers movie. Since then, other movie studios have followed suit. We saw post credits scenes for 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse as well as an interesting scene at the end of Suicide Squad.

The cinema I watched the movie also didn’t have any new movie trailers either. Don’t expect to see a teaser for Star Wars: Episode 8 yet as Disney has not released anything for that movie so far. We might have to wait until 2017 before they start hyping up the next movie.

If you love Rogue One, you can now play the DLC via Star Wars Battlefront. You are in the planet of Scarif and the DLC does a good job of replicating the battle in the actual movie.

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