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Retro Styled PS5 Goes on Sale Tomorrow

But You'll Have to be Quick

by Logan Brown


Some have lambasted Sony’s design of the PS5, often criticizing the ‘sleek’ and ‘futuristic’ style claiming it makes the next-gen console look like a wifi router rather than a gaming machine. However, one company has taken on the task of making the console a little more appealing to both haters of the design and folks who wanted something more reminiscent of consoles from the past.

Starting at $649 USD, the customized PS5 consoles can be bought on preorder at the SUP3R5 online store. According to the store page, the console comes alongside a customized dual sense controller and colored logo inserts. They claim that each console has had the new Retro design added by hand. However, there seems to be some question as to whether or not the customization will void the warranty of the console but there is no question that the controller’s customization will void its warranty as the company completely disassembled it in order to apply the new look. On the upside, buyers of the customized PS5 can put their controller on display once Sony confirms color alternatives to the poorly chosen, easily soiled, base white.

The Retro Style PS5 will be available on January 8th, 2020 at 3 pm ET and will ship sometime this spring. Just like the scarcity of the original PS5, the new Retro PS5 will be in short supply as SUP3R5 has only managed to produce about 300 of the redesigned console. However, the customized controller will have a slightly better availability given that 500 of them have been customized for individual sales. So if you only want the slick-looking Retro Controller, you can get one without the purchase of a console. The price of the console is a sharp increase from $400 to $750 and the same for the controller which is a jump from $100 to $170. However, if you’ve considered buying from a scalper because you absolutely cannot wait for another restock of the PS5 this may be the cheaper route.

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