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Rockstar to skip E3? GTA V reveal prior to show?

| April 27, 2012

Rockstar to skip E3? GTA V reveal prior to show? E3 News Rumors  GTA V

Rockstar gave us a tease of Grand Theft Auto V, before ceasing all communications on the title following last year’s reveal.  They showed us where GTA V would take place, when it would take place, and what it would look like more or less.  Then nothing.

Many expected Rockstar to have a big presence at this year’s E3 with GTA V in the works, but one analyst believes that this will not be the case.  Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities explained on a recent episode of GTTV, that Rockstar would not be at E3 but GTA V will still manage to become the talk of the show.

“Rockstar has outgrown the show.  They’re too cool for the show,” said Pachter in regards to Rockstar’s attending of E3.  “My read is that they like stealing the thunder from everyone else.  So my guess is that we’ll hear an announcement the day before E3 so that’s all everyone will be able to talk about.”

Pachter is still calling for a 2012 release on Rockstar’s next game, and with E3 just around the corner, if he’s right, we should be hearing more news about GTA V in short order.

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  • mrgrande013

    It’s a possibility, but then again, I think they are gonna wait till Max Payne 3 is out and on the market before releasing more details. It makes more sense.

    • Dookes

      Max Payne will be out before E3.

  • Fghydffd

    Blah Blah Blah. As usual, no new news. Until atleast even 1 new FACTUAL detail that we haven’t had for almost 7 months is released about V, stop writing pointless articles. E3 or not, R* needs to release atleast a couple screenshots soon. In the meantime, no new facts, no new news.

  • John

    These Analysts are as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  • Anonymous Tom

    This Pachter jew needs to shut his damn mouth. RockStar has NEVER gone to E3

    • Mat

      yes they have, for agent

  • Hey people, lets be optimistic that he is right. It’s a month and a few days to hear any info on GTA V.

  • Waz_up5

    I think that it could be a possibility GTA V information will be released before E3, but there have been rumors from rockstar themselves that GTA V will be shown at E3. Analysts most of the time are wrong and like to make money from people that are goulable. I have tested analysts rumors with past GTA games and they all got it wrong! There was one that said GTA IV would not be in NYC and went on saying how it was done before blah blah blah. Rockstar only know.

  • likmabigbaws

    Oh lovely, speculation on GTA V. I haven’t heard any of that for ages. It’s all news news news here. 
    Sadly it doesn’t matter what an Analyst said and in some respects it doesn’t matter what Rockstar say, if they ever find their tongues.They’ll most likely push back their own release date like they did with GTA V.We’ll have to wait till we’ve got the game in our hands.
    By the way, Rockstar aren’t too cool for E3. They’re not cool at all. Bunch of nobs if you ask me. They should change their name to “Cockstar”, just a thought though.

  • RH

    I checked the E3 website and it didn’t say that Rockstar where attending , but it did say that Take-Two where attending.

  • Southpoletaven

     Haha :D

  • Bucky

    So we now know that Pachter is a clueless turd no mater what subject he’s talking about, it’s time for him to shut his mouth and stop talking like he knows about the video game industry

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