Attack of the Fanboy

Has Rockstar’s Agent moved on to the PlayStation 4?

by William Schwartz


With Agent being revealed in 2009, and then basically vanishing, it was assumed that development for the game had ceased. Since then, we’ve heard a lot from Rockstar Games and their projects, but zero mention of Agent. It was recently discovered by Silicon Era that Take Two has registered not one, but two trademarks for Agent.

The game was revealed to be an spy/espionage game set during the Cold War, and it was due to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Either Rockstar is squaring away on the release of GTA V and moving on to full-fledged development of Agent, or Take Two is just covering their assets just incase.

Either way, somebody at Take Two is still thinking about Agent. The trademarks in question have been registered for the standard video game trademark: For use with video games, computer games, online video games, and various printed materials.

If Rockstar Games is moving forward with Agent, it would seem to make more sense for the game to be a PlayStation 4 title. Then again, we don’t know anything about the game, and Take Two isn’t talking, despite fans badgering the company over the years.

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