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The Saints are set to Save Christmas

by William Schwartz


Saints Row IV developer Volition is spreading some holiday cheer with a brand new expansion next month. “How the Saints Save Christmas” will be the second set of downloadable content available for the over-the-top, open world series. In this expansion, Santa Claus has somehow found his way into the simulation the players progressed through in the main campaign, and, of course, it’s up to the Third Street Saints to save him. Unfortunately, it seems the Boss isn’t too fond of ol’ Saint Nick.

“How the Saints Save Christmas” will be available for $6.99 or part of the season pass. Season pass purchasers can already download and play “Enter the Dominatrix” — DLC initially intended for Saints Row The Third which then transformed into Saints Row IV, yet also came out as an expansion for Saints Row IV as a mockumentary-style, behind-the-scenes expose’ on the making of the fourth game. If that’s not confusing enough for you, then obviously you don’t play enough Saints Row.

You can help the Saints save Christmas this December 11 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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