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Shakedown: Hawaii Offers Dubious Business in Two Dimensions

Doing business can be fun.

by Jacob Bukacek

Business can be rough. One minute you’re riding the train of success while chilling on the beach, and the next your company is on the verge of ruin with your future up in smoke along with it. This is the story of Shakedown: Hawaii, a game in which an aging CEO must rebuild his business from the ground up by any means necessary. There are plenty of avenues to follow on the road back to success, the only question is which one to take?

Vblank Entertainment has kindly taken the time to lay out exactly what players can do in Shakedown: Hawaii, and it’s quite a bit more than one would expect. Players can engage with the story as they please, taking over the city through both legitimate and illegal means as the CEO, his son, and his “consultant.” Outside of this, players have a completely open world to explore and destroy, plenty of shops to either patronize or steal from, and arcade-style challenges to complete.

The business side of the game is going to require careful management if one wants to take over the entirety of the island. Players will have to continually toe the line of acceptable business practices as they grow their empire. Restrictive rebates, acquiring businesses, landlord perks, blunt cost-cutting are all fair game alongside other, less-savory, practices. It’s a cut-throat world in Shakedown: Hawaii, and that means only the most ruthless can survive. But hey, that’s what “consultants” are for, right?

Shakedown: Hawaii is due out in Q1 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS.

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