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Shovel Knight Amiibo Looks to be Extremely Rare

by Kyle Hanson


Amiibo fans are certainly used to watching their precious collectibles sell out everywhere. Ever since the first wave, the figures have been hard to find upon first release. However, Nintendo seemed to turn things around as of late, with more recent waves and releases not having too much of a supply shortage. However, with the first third party Amiibo figure to be released, it seems like those old times of refreshing websites and sitting in front of stores might be back.

The Shovel Knight Amiibo has gone up for preorder at a few online retailers, with sell outs occurring at almost all of them. New stock would appear, and then swiftly disappear just like before. Now we have word from trusted sources that in-store stock will be pretty low, reminding many of the dark days of Amiibo Wave 4, where some figures were gone as soon as stores made them available.

According to the sources which have spoken with members of the Amiibo subreddit, in-store stock will range from 2-16 per store. Best Buy seems to be the hardest hit, with low stock being in the 2 range, but the highest they have received seems to be about 10 units per store. Target fares better, with low stock still remaining near 2 per store, but some stores have reported receiving around 12-16 Shovel Knight Amiibo. Gamestop is theorized to be around the same low level of Best Buy, with Toys R’ Us estimated to be the same as the slightly better Target.

Amiibo fans, who are very used to seeing numbers like this in the past, have reacted by bringing up those much darker times. However, it’s important to remember that while those rare figures sold out, following restocks made them not so rare, to the point that many can be found for normal price with very little effort. We’ll just have to wait and see how much support the Shovel Knight Amiibo gets, as it is blazing the trail for more third party figures to follow.

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