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How To Sign Up For Fallout 4 Mods Closed Beta For Xbox One

by Dean James


Fallout 4 is just about to get its biggest DLC yet with the much anticipated Far Harbor expansion that is arriving next week, but there is still more on the horizon, including the addition of mods to the console versions of the game. The Xbox One version is set to get these mods sometime this month, but not before having a closed beta that you can now sign up for.

E3 2015 brought us the major bombshell last year that Fallout 4 on consoles would be including mod support, something that fans have been hoping for over the years. Mods allow players to experience entirely different sides of a game like Fallout 4 and with them recently being added to the PC version through open beta, the wait for Xbox One owners is almost over.

Bethesda just had revealed a closed beta was coming the other day through their official Twitter and now they have used it once again to tell us just how we could sign up for the beta.

All you need to do is go to the link right here on the official Bethesda website and either sign in if you already have an account or make a new one. Then click on the Sign Up button under Fallout 4 Betas.

After doing this, you’ll have to answer a few questions like if you own Fallout 4, what platform you own it on, if you have the season pass, etc. You may have already done this in the past, but if not, this is the only way to get into this closed beta. It’s not guaranteed you’ll be picked, but make sure to sign up and keep an eye out for your email after Far Harbor launches next week to hopefully get a beta code.