Attack of the Fanboy

Skyrim Mod Workshop boasts big numbers in first week

by William Schwartz


Most PC gamers will tell you that mods are a big part of any gaming experience on the platform.  This is especially true for The Elder Scrolls franchise which has had an active community over the years.  Bethesda recently teamed up with Valve to bring the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop together to form the ultimate toolbox to make, distribute, and download content from across the community.  While the Creation Kit has only been out for a short time, Skyrim fans have racked up over 2 million downloads in the short time.

The community has cooked up more than 2500 downloadable mods all of which are available free to expand the Skyrim experience.  For PC players the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop are free tools that can be downloaded via Valve’s Steam service.

Skyrim is coming off a big week, where Bethesda Game Studios not only released the mod tools for the game, but also recieved top honors at the 2012 IAA’s winning GOTY at D.I.C.E 2012.

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