Small Deadpool Movie News Revealed

by Damian Seeto


Some small Deadpool movie news has been revealed via TJ Miller who was a guest with Conan O’Brien.

TJ Miller stars as Weasel in the 2016 Deadpool movie. Conan O’Brien asked him if he was able to tell us some more details on the upcoming movie. Miller humorously tried to explain as many details as he could.

Miller confirmed that the Deadpool movie is an origin story. He says we see “where this character is coming about and where he comes from“. It sounds like they are forgetting everything about Deadpool’s appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This is a good thing as the character we saw in that movie was NOT Deadpool. This upcoming movie will tell his origin the right way it looks like.

Miller then answered the question in comedic fashion. He said in the Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds will “do some things” and then “nothing at all“. Miller also said he’s in the film, but sometimes “he’s not even in the movie“.

Miller also admitted the Deadpool movie will also have a lot of stunts. We can be sure to see some exciting action packed sequences. He also said he performs some of this own stunts in the film.

Hopefully the Deadpool movie does the character justice. As aforementioned, the X-Men: Origins “Deadpool” never happened…

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