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Small Info On Visceral’s New Star Wars Video Game Beams Out

by Damian Seeto


The Star Wars Celebration Europe event occurred over the weekend and some small news was revealed about the video game that Visceral have been working on.

The game’s writer, Amy Hennig, explained in a little more detail on what the game is going to include. Much like expected, the game will emphasize on new characters that haven’t been introduced in the Star Wars universe before. It’s not just new characters as fresh new tech and creatures are getting added too.

Even though the characters will be new, the game will still feel like it’s based in the Star Wars universe. She wants people to feel like they are playing inside this universe as if it were one of the movies.

Thankfully, this new game will share a similar tone to the Uncharted series. It will have high stakes but there will be humor in it. If you love the Uncharted series, it’s likely you’ll like this game as well.

One of the things she mentioned is that Star Wars thrives with an ensemble cast. There are multiple playable characters so you are not just experiencing everything from one perspective.

Sadly, Visceral will not be giving out more details about the game for the rest of this year from the sounds of things. They said more info will be revealed in 2017 as the game doesn’t come out until 2018.

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