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Smite PS4 Release Date Set for May 31st

by Kyle Hanson


Hi-Rez Studios and Sony have announced that Smite will officially exit beta, with its full release date being May 31st. Smite is one of the largest MOBA titles available today, with over 20 millions players across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game has been available in full release form on Xbox One and PC for some time, but was still in beta on PS4, but that will end this month.

“In Smite, you become a God from ancient mythology like the mighty Zeus, Greek God of the Sky or the magical Kukulkan, the Mayan Serpent of the Nine Winds,” says Andy Anderson, Senior Producer for Hi-Rez Studios. “Then it’s all on you to unleash your deity’s unique fighting style, legendary weapons, and earth-shattering powers to defeat your foes. Smite pioneered – and perfected – the third-person perspective MOBA. Smite puts you into the heart of the action, not looking down at a tiny character or floating behind a lumbering oaf. If you’re new to MOBAs, there’s no better game to start with than Smite.”

During its time in beta, Smite for PS4 has seen a lot of huge improvements. The game has been optimized for 60 FPS, has trophy support, and has added a few new gamemodes, such as 5v5 Clash and Siege. Smite is a free-to-play title, but you can purchase packs of heroes, including a pack that gives you access to all new additions to the game.

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