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Something special coming for GTA 5 PS4

| June 13, 2014

Something special coming for GTA 5 PS4 E3 News PlayStation  PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto 5 E3

Rockstar revealed their record breaking and highly popular video game, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be hitting the next generation consoles. The announcement came from Sony’s press conference during this year’s E3 and besides the graphical improvements, something else will be giving gamers an incentive to purchase the game on PS4.

Kotaku recently talked with PlayStation’s North America marketing vice president, John Koller. During the quick interview, the question was brought up about Grand Theft Auto 5 and would there be anything added into the game for the PlayStation 4. John Koller said the following:

“I don’t think we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be…GTA Vis going to be, I think, a title we’ll talk about more in the weeks and months to come, but GTA V and GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on the PlayStation.”

So we’re still a bit in the dark but it sounds to us that there will be something added into or different within the PlayStation 4 version of the game. What would you like to see different or possibly added into GTA 5? Leave your comments down below!

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  • jaskdavis

    Exclusive DLC… Duh lol I thought it was mentioned? I just cant wait to get it… again :D

    • Allen

      I can’t remember but this gave me a chill up my spine

      “but GTA V and GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on the PlayStation”

      Looks like Sony has secured future content as well. Which could have been expected but still the way it was said I really liked.

      I too am looking forward to getting this (again). Sold my ps3 version a couple months ago while value was still high.

      • I Still have my PS3 version” and going to compare them when I double dip again..Later this year when GTA5 is released on PS4”…

        • Richard Davis

          I played gta other day and graphics were not as good as i remember. Maybe looking at to much of my ps4.

    • Lacerz

      I just can’t bring myself to get this or TLoU again. I have Tomb Raider and Injustice on my PS4, but I never played those and they were on sale. A retread compilation, such as the Master Chief Collection, or something I skipped last gen I could see, but not these.

      • Steve G

        Tomb Raider was great on the PS4. You should play it.

        • 111AlaN111

          Just buy it on your PS3/PC for cheaper. The graphic difference isn’t big enough to be considered the definitive edition.

          • Yes it is, the graphic difference is major in Tomb Raider on PS4.

          • 111AlaN111

            You don’t understand my point. On PC, you can buy the ORIGINAL game for less than $10, and the visuals will be better than on the PS4.

            You can buy the game on the PS3 for some $20-$10dlls, and you’ll save money.

            The graphics don’t improve enough from PS3 to PS4 to consider buying the game.

          • QURebel

            actually the definitive edition does have better graphic then the pc version trees actactually move in the wind, her skin looks crazy more realistic especially around fire where She’ll start to sweat everything just looks better thats why pc players were upset that the definitive edition never came out for pc. regardless its a big difference from ps3 to ps4 as well i have played both but own the ps4 version and could never go back if you don’t see the difference thats pretty bugged out

          • 111AlaN111

            The true thing is that PC already had better graphics. The PS3 and X360 couldn’t do those great PC graphics, so they launched the Definitive Version, so the console gamers could have the same PC graphics.

          • QURebel

            Pc had better frame rate and resolution n yea better graphics then the oroginal ps3 xbox version but the definitive version has alot more that the pc doesnt for instance they redid her whole face and her nails actually look like nails trees move in wind and more foliage im the forests things like that the pc didnt get cuz they didnt get the retouched version wich is the definitive edition you cam search all over google for the comparisons tje definitive version just looks better cuz they went in and changed alot of how things looked it isnt just like a 1080p 60fps version laura has a completely different face

          • 111AlaN111

            So trees move and nails are nails? Gotta pay $60 dlls to see DAT!!!

          • QURebel

            Im not sayin to pay 60 for thar I bought it cuz I ain’t have it on my ps3 but I alwayd wanted it cuz I always loved tomb raider that and resident evil 1 were my first ps1 joints what I’m sayin when comparing it to the pc version it does look better visually lile you can see the difference plus those were just some examples dude im sure if I go start it again or just search google I ca come up with more but if you dont believe me go check online there’s a load of comparisons between xbox 1 ps4 n pc

          • Steve G

            Well I already have it for the PS4 and got it for a good price when I bought it.

          • 111AlaN111

            Good for you.

  • bdlckkd

    Is this another “only on ps4” moment lolol

    • Guest

      They both do that “exclusive content/exclusive to xbox” PR speak. Don’t be a hypocrite.

      • bdlckkd

        Oh yeah I forgot …. Master chief collectors edition isn’t actually exclusive it’s coming out for ps4 as well…. Just like forza horizon 2… ;)

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Man you’re an idiot, he was talking about the exclusive content on the likes of cod that Xbox gets

          • bdlckkd

            LOL… Now that’s terrible hoppsy… I didn’t say anything bad about you :) #TheStruggle

          • Lacerz

            Now hoppsy, if we get to check and tell them to not take it seriously, they can do the same. Both companies had plenty of “And you get it on the first.” moments.

          • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

            to bad you will never get unhcarted which equals about 5 xbox one exclusives. or all the other 18 1st party games in development

        • SisterSafetyPin

          I guess you forgot about Titanfall. “Titans Drop! On Xbox One, 360, and PC!”

          • Loonietoons

            Titanfall 2 will be coming to ps4…it was confirmed so there goes that exclusive bud

          • SisterSafetyPin

            I have a PS4, bud.I was responding to @bdlckd a couple comments up

          • oj

            Titan fall? all my family and friends who are xbox fans, im not, have all said its really good but theres nothing special and gets boring after a few hours the fucks I give: 0

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            But not on ps4

          • SisterSafetyPin

            And that would really cause angst to PS4 players… If they couldn’t simply play it on their PC or 360. In any case. I don’t think any PS4 fan gives two shits about Titanfall right now with the Destiny beta a few short weeks away for the PS4 & PS3 [tba for the Xbone.] Or with all of the exclusive content for the PS4 [to be released on the xbone sometime before 2016…. lol]

        • DiFiasco

          I’d rather have No Man’s Sky

          • Rivox1

            I’m really looking forward to this game! Open world universe? Sign me up!

        • Rivox1

          Someone is mad because theyir games don’t run at full 1080p/60 on his xbone… Awwwww

          • Rivox1


        • stillwaitingforgreatness

          And sunset overdrive.

    • Allen

      Sony has always put the money into free exclusive content. Content that gives and gives and costs nothing the consumer.

      So much better than pay to play timed DLC that everyone will have in 1 short month (instead of givng and giving like PS brand and for free) but whatever. You are just a butt hurt troll.

      • bdlckkd

        Well you all were bragging about your “lifetime” destiny ps4 content and now it comes out it’s only timed exclusive nobody words their stuff better then sony that’s for sure…

        • XbotMK1

          It’s not timed. It’s full exclusive. But both companies do these practices. Microsoft has done it with COD for a decade so calm your fan boy nipples lol.

          • bdlckkd

   it’s real small… You might have to zoom in to see it…do you see what I see….

          • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

            why do you care so much? lmao xbox has dlc with evolve and dragon now and they are timed. lol

          • ReZ_115_SoN_of_a_Gun

            it is only on PS4. they are not lying. yes its timed but it still only on PS4 right now

          • Bardownsauce

            Buddy Titanfall blow dick and then since the Xbox 1 is doing so bad they had to lower the price haha so sad you fanboy

  • Ryan

    Timed/Exclusive content probably!

    • XbotMK1

      I think it will probably be full exclusive because It’s Rockstar and they’ve been with PlayStation since the beginning.

  • njb

    Might be a throwback to previous Gta’s, PlayStation made gta popular, gta 1,2, 3,vice city and San andreas.

    • Philip J. Fry

      I really hope so! I’d love to play San Andreas again without having to dig out my PS2.

      • V121

        yea GTA SA is on PS3 on the PS store.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    And coming to an Xbox near you soon.

    • bdlckkd

      The struggle is real out here for sony ;)

      • SisterSafetyPin

        lol, do you even Next-Gen? The Xbone is selling so poorly it’s being outsold by the WiiU. I’d say the struggle is practically over for Xbox

        • IDK about that, if that was true Rockstar wouldn’t release GTA 5 on Xbox One, same goes for Tomb Raider, the Division, MGS 5.. Also Gamestop said after the pricecut Xbox One’s were selling out…

          Lets wait until the holidays to get a clear picture, XB1 when the Xbox One,will be released in over 50 countries..

          • Yeah right

            Dude, they’re losing so much money on the Xbone that MS is considering selling off their gaming and Bing division.

            Plus, they released on both consoles for the simple fact that it’s a business opportunity, and they probably started optimizing for both next gen consoles before it was clear which would come out ahead.

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            Are they, where’s the proof because the last I heard the company is moving forward with the Xbox brand, lying pony gimp

          • Con bro

            If you were truly defending your case, you’d find your own proof. Instead you’re making me force-feed you a source so you can most likely refuse to believe it. Find information yourself.

          • stillwaitingforgreatness


          • QURebel

            Hes not lying there have been rumors but theyre still just rumors and talk from analysts but honestly i was gonna get a xbox one but the kinectless price cut kinda urked me made kinect even more useless and made me feel like all my friends who actually bought the original xbox one got played and spent an extra hundred on technology that was “essential” to the xbox experience. one thing id like to know are there still voice commands without the kinect via headset like ps4 or not? If not kinda suck

          • stillwaitingforgreatness

            Bull s41t, Xbox not going anywhere, it’s pony that’s in financial difficulty. Hardly any triple a coming as pony can’t afford it so enjoy your indie and rip off rental service and I’ll enjoy the benefits that kindest offers. Delusional pony.

          • QURebel

            As a company sony is doing bad theyre gaming division is the only thing doing real well microsoft as a company is doing well but gaming division is doing real bad its not like im making this up search b and you’ll see regardless kinect is a joke that got no attention and microsoft had to change from kinect is integral and is part of x1 to its a peripheral no one needs to play x1 dudes tried to bank on consumers like they always do -_- I unno how nobody who owned xbox dont see that i mean they finally took off that paywall so you dont need gold to watch netflix and hulu and use other apps they stay tryna milk us but no one cares its crazy to me thats whyhad to switch bro dont like ppl let alone corporate ashholes takin advantage of the kid

          • bdlckkd

            Lolol and they say xbox fans are delusional

    • DiFiasco

      in glorious 900p

      • stillwaitingforgreatness

        And 30 fps like battlefield hardline is, which pony lied about on stage.

  • tekaiwalker

    Xbox suck PlayStation go hard in thats just U FEEL ME

    • Tsuru Monet Ally

      No I FUCKING hate you, you can’t just say xbox sucks, there have to be good reasons, and there are for both, xbox one and ps4. So “SUCK IT”.
      No console is bad.

      • thestoebz

        My Sega CD begs to differ.

  • gtafan9078

    on single player that you guys bring new clothes and on online

  • zak

    let us go back into the police stations and hospitals. Allow us to go in more buildings. add more cars and let us hack bank accounts like watch dogs.

    • DexDude

      Why the hell would we be hacking bank accounts? That makes no sense and is just stupid. I wish we would be able to go into more buildings and stuff but it’s not going to happen. It’s a port not a new game, it’s going to be the same thing just updated graphics and other things like more NPC characters, cars and animals on screen as well as a better draw distance.

      • Not sure where he got hacking bank accounts from lol….

    • GTA 5 and Watch Dogs are two different games…

    • Rockstar is not going to change the story in GTA 5

  • Maphioso

    The ability to buy different apartments in different locations might be cool. I think most of the apartments available in the PS3 version were primarily in the multi-unit apartment buildings. It would have been cool to buy one of the homes in the hills with a pool and all, like the one you got in the single player game.
    I left the PS3 version before they got the online stock market aspect of the game working. It would have been nice to see that operating as a source of income to expand wealth instead of the hacks that totally jack up the game before I left.
    I also thought it would have been kinda cool if the Law Enforcement reacted differently in the online version of the game. Meaning if you commit a crime (drive-by, car jacking, etc) in Vinewood the cops should respond quicker and with more force than they would in the hood (S. Los Santos or the sticks). I hated pulling up to my spot in Vinewood only to have to drive thru a hail of bullets to get in my garage. Half the time I would get blown up before I could get in.

  • junior5755

    When GTA V comes out for PS4 I hope it will have HD Graphics

    • Tsuru Monet Ally

      omg, of course it will….

    • DexDude

      It has HD graphics on PS3 lol

    • So Silly

  • myles

    More interactive stores like maybe put a jewelery store you can rob with very high security of course…….

  • Guest

    Vice city

    • Obi Alfred

      Yeah they are definitely going to include Vice City, what would take millions of dollars to remake and they are definitely going to include that in a already large game on JUST the PS4.

      Please, don’t reproduce.

  • DexDude

    People need to stop saying it’s going to be “more this” or “more that”. First off they never said it was going to be anything! He just said it was going to be special, yes that’s implying there will be something to set it apart from other consoles but it’s highly a confirmation. If anything it will either be some small exclusive things like customization options or a short mission or something similar, or exclusive (more likely timed) DLC. People thinking they are going to change the game (like adding buildings you can enter, or changing the online aspect) just for PS4 are ridiculous.

  • blahblah

    It said next-gen consoles! So Ps4 and Wii U, Xbox one is underpower than any other console…

    • Developers, do not consider Wii U next gen, if that was the case than ACU and GTA 5, The Division, would be coming to Nintendo’s console as well. When they say next gen consoles they mean PS4/Xbox One and PC. which are currently current gen.

      • Obi Alfred

        Excuse him, they’re are a load of morons on this comment page. I don’t get how humanity functions with this amount of stupidity!

  • nathan

    Is it not obvious….Gta 5 on ps4 will have a virtual reality mode…. because ps4 is the only console which has a Ready to Launch VR headset..

    • Obi Alfred

      PC has virtual reality already and the game going PC you stupid pony twat!

  • Frankie Quither

    GTA V’s big empty playground needs far more than a graphical overhaul and a few extra missions and cars.

    • Did you not see the extra Traffic?

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  • Samad Khan

    just add user track option in ps4 ver or add music player in phone with each charecter and add hats for michale de santa thanx

  • zdot118

    Its quite obvious if you stay up todate with gaming news.Sony announced a Virtual Reality Headset so maybe it will be used with GTA V

    • Obi Alfred

      PC has virtual reality too so it wouldn’t just be on PS4 you stupid fuck.

  • harry

    I would like them to allow you to turn off the nudity

  • robert morrison

    I own a PS4 & I hate xbox & yes I used to have 1 lol. The main reason is it’s idea behind the system is to be an entertainment system & I also hate the big chunky controller lol.

    I am a gamer & all I wanna do is play games & have the fullest potential available from my games.

    So I love my PS4 as its the superior for myself any how. (Everyone has different tastes).

    What I want in GTA V…..
    2 or more Apartments including garages.
    More guns/equipment etc.
    More Vehicles & Upgrade/Customization options.
    Maybe also a bigger Map aswell lol.

    thanks for reading & this is my 1st time iv ever posted on here lol

    Take care all.

    Rabbie79 (my PS4 username if u wanna add)

  • Jessiah

    When’s the new doc come out on ps3 for gta 5

  • MTownley

    see this is what i hate, your giving out the same information and nothing new. so just wait until theirs something new we actually all want

  • Bobi PS4


    • Feel the same way Cute Gaming Friend

    • Obi Alfred

      Bobi PS4

      Brought to you by Sony Corporation™.

  • Guest

    Master race! give me them 60 frames and 1440p with anti aliasing , better lighting and that water will look amazing.

    • Obi Alfred

      This is a PS4 article dumbass. And if you are talking about having 1440p 60fps on the PS4, then I would love to smoke what you’re smoking. The PS4 can’t even run candy minecraft at 1440p 60fps, what makes you think that it can run GTA 5 with that performance?

      • Rob Burns

        You are really annoying now Obi Alfred, no offence. You are clearly a PC enthusiast (not a fanboy, yet) as you just disrespect the PS4’s power, it CAN handle GTA V at 60 fps at 1080p (maybe 900p). Yes I have a PS4 and yes I do truly know that PC is definitely the superior gaming platform but next-gen consoles (the PS4 in particular) can handle more than you think. Also, your logic is a bit flawed. If (according to you) the PS4 cannot handle Minecraft at 1440p and 60fps (well I will just say 1080p) then how come it can handle BF4 1080p and 60fps? I do know they are different games before I get a “they are different games you prick you cant compare them”.

  • Guester

    Facts First is on suicide watch

  • Sideways M2

    What if it was San Andreas on the disk too?

    • Gr3y Wolf

      GTA V… IS San Andreas.

      • Sideways M2

        Instead of GTA V, we get GTA: SA with GTA V graphics AND GTA V.

        • Gr3y Wolf

          I understand what you are saying – you would like both games… but i dont see the point, seeing as GTA V is just a bit different version of SA. Plus it would be too much work for R*, if their focus is divided on 2 games then its possible that instead of one really good Next Gen port of GTA V, we end up with 2 lack-luster ports… I think we should just be happy, thankful and satisfied that we are getting GTA V on Next Gen.

  • Gr3y Wolf

    What i would like to see in GTA V:

    1. Cockpit view for cars.
    2. An option to slow down the passage of time within the game – i dont mean slow motion.

    3. More vehicles, and customisation.
    4. More apartments, and maybe some mansions as purchasable property.
    5. Less blue fog in the distance – looks a bit unrealistic.
    6. More weapons.
    7. Maybe make the map a bit bigger – this is now Next Gen so why not :)
    8. More stuff to do in multiplayer – like heists etc…

    Im sure there is more i would like to see, just cant think of it atm… Either way, im looking forward to playing GTA V on PS4.

    • Obi Alfred

      I would like to add to #7 if you don’t mind.

      I would not want the map bigger but I would like to have it more sprawled. Los Santos should have more expansive, larger suburbs and multiple communities as you drive out of the city. Also instead of cutting a valley through the mountains for a highway, the highway should be able to go up and down in elevation and go ON the mountains like in real life California.

      This is just a little wish of mine, I doubt Rockstar can/will do it in the timeframe of this remake.

  • t


  • JanMan

    Id like to see them bring back the Casino!!

  • MTownley

    i mean I’ve read the same thing, about 20 times, im 50 wow on the comments

  • Squaddd

    The price of shark cards. And to add your own music onto it would be really cool. And more options for your character all on gta online.

  • izayoi

    As long as it runs at 60fps I couldn’t care less what “extras” they decide to put in.

  • Hector

    A gym to workout in the game

  • redman790

    The trailer has proven already that the ps4 blows ps3 out of the water graphics wise. watch the comparison videos.

  • Michael

    I would like to see all the gta titles redone with the best graphics possible 1080p 60 frame rate release them all at once if the graphics look the same as they would for ps2 or 3 I wouldn’t see the point of it

    • Obi Alfred

      Release then all at once? You realize how long that would take? Moron

  • Michael

    I think gta is one of the best franchises to do this for xbox has halo and if playstation had this I think it would be better way better after all it should be only on playstation they came out with them first

  • Ny-Ny87

    Pet dogs online that can attack other online users and maybe dog fights you can put bets on.

    • Obi Alfred

      This isn’t a new fucking game.

  • Marcus

    If you could play as Joel or Nathan Drake would be wicked. DLC of course would be nice

    • Obi Alfred

      PC mod incoming

  • Vegasdad702

    Zombies… give us some zombie game play or missions. It would tie in nicely with the bio weapon mission in the game. Helicopter could crash after recieving the package at the end of the mission. Which could inturn unleash an outbreak?? IDK, but its a concept I would certainly play or pay for on a map pack. Just my 2 cents.

    • Obi Alfred

      Haven’t you had enough of zombies already!?

      • Vegasdad702

        True… while I agree the zombie theme has been done to death with so many video games and movies, I still feel like Rockstar could do an outstanding job with it as they did for Red Dead Redemption. I belive they broke all sorts of records with that download. All im saying is it would be nice to have a modern spin on the outbreak. So while I agree that we have seen tons of zombies, I will say few get it right, and Rockstar is among the few in my humble opinion that has done a fantastic job in the past. Besides get on youtube and see how much buzz and talk there is surrounding this topic and we know it is already an instant success.

  • miked

    I want to be able to use my android PlayStation ap on my cell phone to work with the in game cell phone that would be so cool!

  • Ronald

    i think they should add the ability to play with people online that are on ps3 and maybe xbox.Both Rockstar and Sony.

  • player of gta

    Cockpit view! Like in Far Cry and Watch Dogs..

  • Abcds

    A hat, posters, map, deposit bag, etc. like ps3. Oh and no yoga!!

  • gtavsux

    No bad sport! Never should have been there in the first place. Also how about the heist that we were promised and still do not have. And maybe the wing suit that was in their promos but never made it to game play. Let’s start there shall we?

  • Alvin Hall

    In car view would be nice airbag deployment would be cool & more money for missions so honest people can keep up with the hackers! Oh and snow!

  • John

    Greetings Fellow Summoners! Don’t miss your only chance to claim your FREE RIOT POINTS.