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Sony says 80% of consumers prefer PS4 over Xbox One and Wii U

by William Schwartz


Sony is pretty confident about putting the PS4 up against the Xbox One and the Wii U this year.  In Sony’s most recent financial reports and quarterly conference call, the company explained their high hopes for the console, and are pointing to online polls as valid statistics that indicate a strong interest in the console.

Sony’s Chief Financial Officer told investors that in some polls 80% of potential console buyers prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One and the Wii U.   He claimed this is “very encouraging” for Sony, but they may still run into problems in securing enough chipsets and lack the manufacturing capacity to fill demand.  The executive did also note that Sony’s E3 showing was strong against both Nintendo and Microsoft.

It’s unclear which polls specifically that Masuru Kato was talking about, but you could pretty much throw a dart at any of them that were taken in June and come to that conclusion.  At the height of the Xbox One DRM hate, there were many angry fans who decided against Microsoft’s new console.

As for Sony trying to meet demand for the PS4, pre-order opportunities have been stop and go for the past two months.  Reports out of GameStop said that there would be a virtually unlimited supply of PS4 pre-orders, but conflicting reports have said that Sony may be stockpiling systems to have them on store shelves come this holiday.

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