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Sony to fine tune PlayStation business in road to profitability


Sony may have recently had one of the roughest years imaginable for any company.  A downtrodden global economy has forced the electronics and entertainment conglomerate to cut 10,000 jobs, while the company is expecting losses in multi-billions.

The company also saw a changing of the guard.  Former PlayStation head, Kaz Hirai is now the CEO of the company, and is focused on changing the way Sony does business.  “I’ve fully dedicated myself to changing Sony,” said Hirai.  Those changes will include Sony focusing on the PlayStation business and maximizing revenues from its already profitable division.

As one of the “Core Businesses”, Sony will be looking to continue the successes in the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita peripheral markets.  They’ll also be looking to “Strengthen and Expand” their network services business. How they’ll do it?

The company is looking to expand and grow “full-title game downloads” on the PlayStation Network, as well as “Enhance subscription services” like the PlayStation Plus service.  The company will also be looking to “Increase casual game content and compatible devices”.

Hopefully the company will continue to offer the PlayStation Network as a free service to everyone that purchases one of their consoles.  Though if Microsoft has proven anything over the past two cycles, its that gamers are definitely willing to pay-to-play, if the price is right.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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