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Sony releases PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.11

by William Schwartz


A new “minor” firmware update has been pushed out by Sony for the PlayStation 3. Update 4.11 is said to improve certain aspects of system software, but is not mandatory for users to remain connected to the PlayStation Network. Since you won’t be prompted to download it, you’ll need to browse to the system update tab on the XMB to access the new firmware.

As usual, the download is free to all users. Sony hasn’t explicitly explained what exactly is in the update, other than the “minor improvements”. So you’ll have to make the call on whether you want to wait for the software to download and install before hopping on to play your next round of Twisted Metal.

With the PlayStation Vita launch just around the corner, the update could be helping along the changes that are needed for the Cross Platform functionality. No reported problems with the firmware have been made at this time.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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