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Sony’s Attempt To Trademark “Let’s Play” Hits Another Bump In The Road

by Mike Guarino


Sony laughably tried to trademark the term “let’s play” last year, and things haven’t exactly been going well during the process. While their trademark attempt was recently denied they still have six months to respond, which would then result in the trademark being reexamined.

However, yet another blow has been delivered to Sony’s chances of making this happen, as more documents published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office have come to light. Two new “letters of protest” have been accepted regarding the trademark attempt, which argues that the trademark is too generic and descriptive.

The letters of protest also mention all of the YouTubers who post let’s play videos daily, further driving home the point that the term is a broad descriptor rather than an actual name that can be trademarked. Tons of web pages are linked that all include some mention of let’s plays, including Wikipedia, Ars Technica and YouTube.

You can check out the documents by clicking right here, which contains 42 pages of let’s play archives to sift through. There’s certainly a lot of evidence working against Sony on this one, and it will be very interesting to see when and if they respond.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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