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Splatoon Update 2.2.0 Will Change Everything, Hits October 20th

by Kyle Hanson


Splatoon has been no stranger to updates, and even balance patches, since it launched in May. However, there hasn’t been anything quite like Splatoon Update 2.2.0. In fact, few shooters have had anything like this. A ton of weapons are being impacted, with some receiving damage nerfs or boosts, while also touching on special abilities, and other factors. Splatoon Update 2.2.0 will truly reshape the competitive landscape of the game, forcing players to re-learn a lot of the meta game, and adjusting their strategy to work within the new structure.

It’s not just the weapons that have been touched on either, with the game mods and ranking system being altered fairly significantly. For example, in Splat Zones, the update will make it so that “the leading team’s Special Gauge will gradually charge when the counter for both teams is stopped.” And in Tower Control “when neither team has the Rainmaker, the Special Gauge will automatically charge gradually for the losing team,” the patch also “decreased the speed at which the Special Gauge automatically increases,” and “increased the amount of knockback when players using Bubbler or Kraken are hit from above or below.”

In Ranking, the system will now try to match you more frequently with evenly ranked players, so S+ to S+, S to S, and so on. The amount of points you receive for a victory, and the amount you lose for a loss will also be affected.

Really, there’s too much contained in Splatoon Update 2.2.0 to go over here. You’ll want to check out the patch notes for the full list. You can also click here for some small videos that show the changes. The update hits October 20th, so you’d better get ready.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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