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Square Enix Files Brave Exvius Trademark

by William Schwartz


Square Enix always has other projects up their sleeves other than Final Fantasy and recently they filed a trademark that looks to be a sequel to a beloved handheld title.

According to a trademark filing in Europe, Square Enix has filed one for Brave Exvius, your standard computer game and software trademark. Many fans are speculating that it can be related to Final Fantasy XV, or even a new Dissidia title. Fans on NeoGaf aren’t short on possibilities but maybe it is a third entry in the Braverly Default series. It wouldn’t be completely unlikely as it has garnered a sizable fan base since its inception.

It essentially can be anything the way these trademarks are setup as they list things from arcade games, to card games. For all we know it could be another iOS title that is an offshoot of the Braverly series from Square Enix. Although that idea might excite some fans it may sadden many others. Either way, hopefully we will find out sooner rather than later what this trademark means for gamers.

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