Star Citizen 1.1 Out Now

by AOTF Staff
star citizen

Cloud Imperium Games has just released a colossal update to their world record breaking title, Star Citizen.

The “Best Damn Space Sim” has previously been released as separate modules. Initially launching as just a Hanger Module, an area to house players ships and view them, the game has since evolved to include Arena Commander, an in fiction game which revolves around dogfighting. Now, the team has made the decision to launch under the game’s name; with the new version being Star Citizen 1.1.

The update adds a variety of new features, as well as two newly playable ships. Not only are the ships available to walk around and view within the Hanger but both are flyable. The Aegis Dynamics Retaliator and Gladius light fighter both offer different play style options to players. The first is a civilian cargo transport and the second is designed for escort or interceptor based work.

Also new to the game is the new way to launch Arena Commander the SimPod, 64-bit conversion, the REC system to rent weapons or ships and the first version of the landing mechanics. 64-bit conversion is a feature that cannot be instantly seen but will drastically affect the game. 64-bit procession allows map sizes to increase as the distances between objects, both small and large, can now be determined with more precision by the engine.

An important thing to note for those wanting to update to Star Citizen 1.1 you will need to re-install the entire game, not just patch the launch.