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Star Trek Online MMORPG Heading to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall

by Kyle Hanson


Star Trek Online will boldly go where few MMORPGs have before when it launches on the PS4 and Xbox One later this Fall. The game is a free-to-play title that lets players command their own starship within the universe of the iconic scifi show. The game hit PC and Mac starting in 2010, so the game heading to consoles will be very different than that original release.

“This fall, Star Trek Online will be launching simultaneously on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles,” said Star Trek Online executive producer Stephen Ricossa. “Our goal is to deliver the same high quality Star Trek experience to players on these consoles, with some additional upgrades to make the transition to the console space a smooth and natural experience.”

“For those unfamiliar with Star Trek Online, we are a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Star Trek franchise offering players the opportunity to create their own captain and explore the galaxy as they play through countless hours of content,” reads the announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

As mentioned before, the game has been available on PC for about six years, which means console players will benefit from a huge amount of content. “Over the past six years of development we have created more than 130 featured episodes (similar to the TV series episodes) that star some of the cast members of the Star Trek series including Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, Tim Russ, and more.

“Star Trek Online will also be one of the first free-to-play MMORPGs to offer both space and ground combat as you fly through the galaxy in hundreds of iconic ships. Your captain and crew can pilot everything from the classic Enterprise to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey or Romulan Warbird. From cruisers and escorts to science vessels and dreadnoughts, you’ll be able to experience the final frontier on your own terms.”

Bringing an MMORPG over to consoles is a rare feat, mostly because the control schemes are so different. Star Trek Online will feature some improvements and modifications specifically tailored toward the console experience.

“Our first major task was to convert a PC game that takes nearly an entire keyboard to play into a game that plays well with a DualShock 4. We focused on getting the controls right before we began work in earnest on this project, because we knew the game had to be as tactical, fun, and accessible as the PC game that preceded it. A combination of radial menus and streamlining HUD elements created a game that is easily understood, instantly accessible, and incredibly fun to play.”

There is also a new lighting system, and a complete overhaul of the UI for the game. Check it out when Star Trek Online hits PS4 and Xbox One this Fall.

Star Trek Online – Official Announce Trailer

- This article was updated on:May 12th, 2016

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