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Steins;Gate Elite Launches on Spring 2018 in Japan

by Jose Belmonte


Japanese magazine Famitsu reveales in its latest issue that Steins;Gate Elite, the new version of the acclaimed sci-fi visual novel, is launching on spring 2018 in Japan for PS4 and PSVita. This release is expected to improve the graphics of the game and expand the possibilities of the story, which was one of the most appreciated features of the original game. There is still no information about a possible Western release, but it shouldn’t take more than a few months to arrive to North America and Europe.

Steins;Gate is the story of Rintaro Okabe, who builds a very particular time machine along with his friends. The time machine is able to send text messages to the past, which implies that every minimal detail on the message could couse unimaginable changes to the present world.

The game makes use of the story and the gameplay extremely well, giving players the chance to set their own story according to their actions in the game, as well as to return to those fateful moments in order to change the course of the story, effectively acting as an actual time machine in itself. The original game offered six different endings, a number that is likely to grow with this version.

While the original version never launched on PS4, the mid-sequel Steins;Gate 0 was released for the console last year, which tells the story of some events from the first game that were referenced in the original story, but not fully explored until now.


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