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Steins;Gate Elite Launches March 15 in Japan

by Jose Belmonte


Publisher 5pb. has announced today that the visual novel Steins;Gate Elite will release for PS4, PSVita, and Nintendo Switch on March 15 in Japan. There is no date for a Western release, but it can be expected to be set a few months later. Elite reimagines the original Steins;Gate story replacing the static backgrounds with full anime videos transforming the game into a sort of interactive animated film. Those segments are made using all the footage from the actual anime version aired on TV, and also brand new sequences including new endings.

Steins;Gate Elite tells the story of Rintaro Okabe, a young scientist who makes experiments with his colleagues Mayuri and Itaru. With the help of Kurisu Makise, they create a time machine that is able to send messages to the past, and what follows is both a fun and terrifying tale of the endless possibilities of life and what remains important through all versions.

Elite also represents the first time that the original story can be played on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Steins;Gate 0 was already released for PS4 in 2015. PSVita remains the only platform where players can find the full series.

Steins;Gate Elite launches for PS4, PSVita, and Nintendo Switch on March 15 in Japan.

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