Stonehearth Alpha 9 Testing Begins

by AOTF Staff

Radiant Entertainment have just released a new version of their voxel based town builder Stonehearth on Steam.

Building up towards the official launch of Alpha 9 the team has been hard at work. Team Radiant has now decided to put the current build into fans hands via Steam’s latest branch option. This allows gamers to help find bugs and test new content before it is officially released. Those who are willing to accept a few extra crashes are treated with an almost game changing balance patch and more.

Alpha 9 when it has been fully tested will launch for the first time with both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Stonehearth. Other features also added into the game will be: new harvesting commands, the ability to loot/steal items, rebalancing of goblins to make combat harder and combat scenarios. For now the only available scenario sees goblins setting up raiding camps close to the players towns but this is to be expanded upon in future releases.

The final element to be added in Alpha 9 is an early glimpse into the fan requested shop system. The developers revealed that, “Travelling merchants will visit your town every now and then. You can sell your excess inventory for gold, and use that gold to buy from all merchants.”