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Storyboard End Credits Teased For Dragon Ball Super’s First Episode

by Damian Seeto


The official Dragon Ball Super twitter page has shown a bit of the storyboard for the end credits of the first episode.

It’s worth noting, there isn’t a spoiler revealed so don’t worry. The Dragon Ball Super twitter page just showed a few illustrations of what they have planned.

The Dragon Ball Super twitter page tweeted:

Again, thanks to those who had authorized us to publish the last image, here is an overview of the ending“.

As you can see from the image from Dragon Ball Super, it shows a rough image of Goku and what looks to be an adult Gohan. At the side there, we also get a glimpse of a kid version of Goku. It’s possible this is just a flashback of some sort.

Gohan in this picture from Dragon Ball Super looks similar to the way he does in GT. He was kind of nerdy in the series as well. It looks like Goku will be his same old self. Real Saiyans don’t really age, and they don’t have to cut their hair either.

Dragon Ball Super is set to air in Japan from July 5th. We’ll be sure to know more details in the weeks to come.


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