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Streamer Vows to Speedrun All of Undertale’s 93 Endings in 34 Hours

by Dylan Siegler


For anyone unfamiliar with the term, to “speedrun” a game means to get from the beginning of the game to the end as quickly as possibly, like so quickly the developers never intended the game to be finished in that short of a time. There are different rules for different kinds of speedruns; for example, someone might want to do an any% speedrun of The Legend of Zelda, which would involve getting to and defeating the last boss as quickly as possible, sometimes even exploiting game glitches to get this done. If someone was to speedrun a 100% run of The Legend of Zelda, however, it would mean that the player is looking to collect all items in the game, defeat the final boss, start the Second Quest (the game’s hard mode), collect all items in that mode and beat the final boss again as quickly as possible. There are some games that are more manageable than others to do a 100% speedrun of. Undertale is not one of the manageable ones.

There is an interesting mechanic in Undertale that gives the player a different ending depending on which characters the player killed and which ones they spared, as well as which items the player has upon beating the game. In total, there are 93 possible endings in the game. Recently, a Twitch streamer called Cookiepocalypse has vowed to get all 93 endings within 34 hours without stopping.

The stream’s subreddit page seems to be split into two camps: those who are worried about Cookiepocalypse’s health, due to staying awake and sitting in one place for 34 hours, and those who state that speedrunners do this kind of thing all the time and that there’s no problem with it. In fact, the subreddit seems to be discussing this more than they are the actual speedrun.

As of the time I am writing this, Cookiepocalypse has been streaming for nearly 24 hours and has completed 79 of Undertale‘s endings. Hopefully, whether Cookiepocalypse is able to achieve his goal or not, he comes out of this still healthy. You can watch the stream yourself below.

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