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Street Fighter V Season 2 Will Receive a Balance Patch in April

by Jose Belmonte


After analyzing the user performance on Street Fighter V since the launch of Season 2, the team developer has decided to release a patch in April that affects the balance of the cast, trying that those characters currently underpowered have a better chance against their stronger rivals.

The entry in Capcom’s Blog features a long and detailed list with all the changes, including comments of the team on the reasons why they considered that there was an issue with certain characters or moves and how the new version will affect gameplay. The goal of the team is to strengthen the weaker characters, rather than weaken the ones with a better performance.

Part of the changes will affect the system as a whole, and others are individual adjustments for the characters. The system changes include activating V-Reversal 1 frame earlier, in a way that now it makes no difference whether the character is standing or in a crouch block. Also making impossible to escape throws while inputing up during the throw escape, increasing the number of frames necessary to complete a charge, and adding invincibility to Shoryuken attacks to be used by Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy, and Juri.

The individual character adjustments include changes for Alex, Akuma, Balrog, Birdie, Cammy, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, F.A.N.G, Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Ken, Laura, Nash, Necalli, Rashid, Ryu, Urien, Vega, and Zangief.

Some of these adjustments include new moves to make up for situations when the characters were left unprotected, slight increase or decreases of vitality, or bug fixes. Some of them like Dhalsim, Ibuki, or Laura remain pretty much unchanged from the launch of season two, while others like Alex, F.A.N.G, or Vega have received more attention from the developers.

This new balance patch will be available to download at the end of April, while Season 2 is available now.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2018

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