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Super Mario Maker Hits Over a Million Levels in Less than a Week

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker, the Wii U game that lets you build your own Mario courses, has already hit over a million player-created levels. This news comes just one week after the game launched in Japan, and only six days for North America and Europe.

It seems that fans have been creating and uploading their levels at a lightning pace, with a million levels meaning there was almost two being uploaded every second for the past week. While we don’t yet have sales figures, this does bode well for the game’s future success.

With any game like Super Mario Maker, which relies on player-created content to drive it forward, there is always the risk that the community won’t latch onto the game. This would result in stagnated gameplay, with players stuck replaying whatever levels were included in the base game, and the few good ones that trickle out from the community. With Super Mario Maker seemingly avoiding this it could retain a healthy audience for some time.

Of course, with this many levels to choose from it can be difficult to gain any attention for your own creations. It can also be extremely difficult to locate levels that you will enjoy, especially with the top ranked levels usually being of the “sit back and watch” variety. You can check out our list of Super Mario Maker levels you have to try to find a few gems.

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