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Super Mario Run Update 1.0.2 For iPhone Released

by William Schwartz


A new update for Super Mario Run is available for owners of the game on iPhone.  Patch 1.0.2 can be downloaded on the App Store, but just what Nintendo has changed in the releases is pretty vague.  Nintendo says that some features for the game have been improved, but no other additional details have been released.

Super Mario Run released recently for iPhone users as a “free to start” game.  If you haven’t yet joined the millions of who’ve downloaded the Super Mario themed runner, this means that you can pretty much play a small sampling of the game before having to fork over $9.99 for the full version.

The free download allows you to play a small sampling of the game, which includes a handful of levels and challenges to explore.  The full version includes everything that the game has to offer.  Super Mario Run is a “runner” game, taking some of the elements of the classic platformer and adopting them for touchscreen controls.  Arguably some of the best looking Mario games to ever have been released the game looks great on the iPhone, taking advantage of the Retina Display.

A contrast to the traditional platformer, Mario runs automatically, picking up coins and power-ups as the player uses the touch screen to jump and bounce off of walls.  While some of the traditional mechanics of Mario games have been recreated in the runner, much of what makes Mario unique has been somewhat lost in the transition.

If you’re an Android owner, you still can’t play Super Mario Run.  Nintendo has yet to give a specific release date for Super Mario Run on Android, but it should be available in early 2017.

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