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Tachyon Project, World of Tanks And More Released for PS4

by Jason Eliason


Today we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of releases across multiple platforms.  In regards to the high number of new titles to choose from (especially on PC and PS4), I’ve compiled several of the latest PS4 games accompanied by their respected synopses and genres.

Tachyon Project


A classic dual stick shooter, Tachyon Project puts players in control of an A.I program named Ada.  Designed to hack into the world’s most secure servers, Ada finds herself cast from her test server and into the internet.  She then explores the internet in search of her “parents”.

The game boasts a wide variety of weapons, enhancements and enemies.  Tachyon Project also features several different gameplay modes:  A ten level story mode, 4 player local multiplayer and 3 “Challenge Levels” for co-op play.  The game was originally released for Xbox One in July of 2015, and has since been ported to PC.  A version for the Wii U is also expected to launch soon.

World of Tanks


If I had to guess what kind of game might accompany a plethora of new titles available for PS4, it would probably be another f**king vehicular shooter.  Yup, World of Tanks is finally available for PS4 users, free.  The PvP MMO freemium has seen releases on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One over the course of its long 6 year history.  In addition to consoles and PC, World of Tanks has seen adaptations to board games (World of Tanks Rush), collectible card games (World of Tanks: Generals), as well as mobile platforms (World of Tanks Blitz).

The game features a 15v15 player online PvP, where players gain experience and currency to upgrade their current builds.  WoT has already established a massive community, so I won’t get into any strategic details of the game.  However it is worth noting that a PS Plus subscription is not required to play.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters


Set in the universe of a 70’s B-rated sci-fi film, The Deadly Tower of Monsters appears to be a zany spoof comedy.  Guided by the commentary of the “movie’s” off-screen director, players can take the role of 3 different protagonists throughout the game: Dick Starspeed, Stacy Sharp and Robot.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters plays like a twin stick, Isometric action melee/shooter.  Set on a massive tower on an alien planet, players advance from bottom to top as they encounter scenarios spanning a wide variety of sci-fi gimmicks.  The game is also currently available for a 34% discounted price of $9.89 on Steam.

Stardust Vanguards

Stardust Vanguards was originally released for PC back in January of 2015.  Paying homage to anime space operas, the game retains a classic arcade look and feel, despite the fact that you’re in control of a giant mech battling it out in space.  With 2D dueling mechanics similar to Joust and Killer Queen, players may also call upon the assistance of NPCs to aid them.

The game features up to four player local PvP, 4 game modes, as well as 13 different stages to choose from.  The game doesn’t offer up any story and, though players can technically solo their way through co-op, the quality of gameplay is heavily dependent on a multiplayer experience.  That said, the fact that Stardust Vanguards doesn’t support online multiplayer may be upsetting.  However, for those who frequently have friends over, Stardust Vanguards may make for a great game.

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