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The Binding of Isaac Amiibo Coming? The Creator Gauges Interest

by Kyle Hanson


After a bit of a lull it seems like Nintendo has awoken the amiibo frenzy once again. The recent Nintendo Direct unveiled 13 brand new figures for people to buy,or not, depending on stock issues. But could there have been one more? Not yet, but it seems like The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen would like to see one, asking fans if they’d buy an amiibo from the series.

In the poll, which hit Twitter a few days ago and has received more than 10,000 responses, 70% of respondents said that they would be willing to buy a Binding of Isaac amiibo. Of that 70%, 22% actually said they’d buy the amiibo even without owning a Nintendo Switch, with another 18% saying they wouldn’t buy the figure because they don’t own a Switch. Of course, this is a very targeted poll, hitting right within the fanbase, but it’s still a strong response for another third party amiibo.

The Binding of Isaac is a very well known and popular game, with its DLC expansions growing the playerbase significantly over the last couple of years. Still, it’s a pretty different game when compared to what has gotten amiibo so far. Shovel Knight and Monster Hunter are among the few games to get a third party amiibo release. With its dark theme it’s tough to see how Nintendo would want to put something out there as big as an amiibo.

Still, it would be very collectible and fun for those who are OK with the more mature content found in the game. Nintendo has stuck to a family friendly tone throughout most of its time in video games. They have not blocked adult content as of late, which was a problem in the past, but they do still try to keep things safe for children whose parents might be upset by such a mature title.

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