The Division PTS 3 Going Live Soon As Patch Notes Are Released

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by Mike Guarino

PTS 3 is set to go live soon for The Division as it is currently undergoing maintenance, which in itself will be a testing period for big changes coming from the 1.6 update and the Last Stand. There will be a lot of changes that will be coming as a result of this patch that will be deploying today, and now we have the complete patch notes to check out what’s in store.

First up we have the changes that will be coming to Last Stand, which are the following:

Last Stand
Many players mentioned that TTK a player in Downed State was too long and enforced players to engage at short range in order to be able to finish off their opponent in Melee. We want to try a shorter TTK against players in Downed State and see the impact it will have on long-range engagements.

  • Reduced Downed State health by 50% in Last Stand. This means downed players will be killed twice faster than in PTS 2.

Another issue in Last Stand is the scarcity of Medkits as a whole. As a first step, we will now grant maximum Medkits to players when they respawn.

  • Players will now always be set to 5 Medkits when respawning after death.

We also lowered the health of Skill proxies in Last Stand, to make them easier to destroy by other players.

  • Skill proxies have their health reduced by 50% in Last Stand only. Affected skills are Support Station, Turret and Seeker Mine.

Beyond this we also have changes to the normalization of stats that led to too much armor damage mitigation, resulting in it being dropped to 35% from the original 70%. They also note that they “have decided to try something different with Major and Minor bonuses on Gear, as we realized that their impact on PvP was minimal and players started avoiding the scaled major bonuses in favor of those that were not scaled. The result should be an experience that evens out the playing field, just enough for players to feel confident when jumping into Last Stand while not completely negating the importance of character building.”

There are many more changes to things like weapons, gear sets, skill balancing and more, so be sure to check out the complete patch notes for the full details.

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