The Exciting Final Fantasy XV News Revealed This Week

by Damian Seeto

Hajime Tabata revealed a ton of news about Final Fantasy XV earlier this week during the Active Time Report.

One of the more important things you have to know is that the Final Fantasy XV demo will be blocked from the PS4’s Share Play. Tabata only gave a reason that Share Play was blocked simply because it’s a demo and not representative of the final product. If you are keen on playing the demo, you will have to buy a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD yourself.

Tabata also explained in more detail what the potential map size could be in the final version of Final Fantasy XV. Tabata explained the demo only covers a small part of the Duscae region. The entire Duscae region will have more towns, cities and some ruins for you to explore. The big kicker is that the full game will be ten times bigger than the Duscae region itself. The demo only covers a small piece of land in the full game.

The best piece of news Tabata revealed is that he said the “end is in sight” in terms of Final Fantasy XV’s development. It was last revealed that 60 percent of the game has been completed so far. It’s good to know that Square Enix can see an end to the game’s development.