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The Wolverine 3 Movie Could Adapt Old Man Logan Comic Book

by Damian Seeto


Hugh Jackman seemed to have hinted that the Wolverine 3 movie would be adapting the ‘Old Man Logan” comic book storyline.

As reported by ComicBookMovie, Hugh Jackman came out on stage at Comic Con and uttered the words “Old Man Logan”. He then followed up with a comment saying this will be the last time he will be “putting on the claws“.

Jackman hinted the Wolverine 3 movie will be the last time he will play the character. He’s played the character for 15 years starting with the first X-Men movie in the year 2000. He’s played the superhero more times than any other actor has played their own comic book characters.

Old Man Logan shows an older Wolverine character and it’s set 50 years in the future. The comic shows the character with grey hair and looking a bit like Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid IV.

If they do adapt Old Man Logan, this could be interesting because all of the other X-Men characters will either be old or dead if it’s set 50 years in the future. The last time we saw Wolverine was in Days of Future Past.

Hopefully Jackman’s run as the character ends in a good way with the third Wolverine film. It would be disappointing if the film ends up like his first standalone movie…

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