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Thumper Release Date Set for Xbox One, Native 4K on Xbox One X

by Al McCarthy


A release date has been set to bring Thumper to the Xbox One.  The critically acclaimed rhythm game launched launched last year for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with a Switch release also heading out earlier this year.

Thumper is a rhythm title with a unique twist.  Players must press a button to hit notes in sync with the background music of the game, all while avoiding obstacles steering a quickly moving beetle.  Players can make only a couple of mistakes while navigating the blisteringly fast track before they must restart at level checkpoints.

The game features nine levels all which have increasing challenge as the player navigates the track and plays through boss battle.  A pounding soundtrack and unique visual effects made this one of the most engrossing VR titles for PSVR and PC VR headsets.

As for Xbox One only features, the developers say that the Xbox One controller is a good fit for the game as the controls have been fine tuned to use the impulse trigger vibrations when scraping rails and turns on each track.  Vibration is also used to correspond with the stereo soundtrack.

Xbox One owners will finally get a chance to try Thumper in August.  Thumper will release on August 18th.  The developers note that Thumper will also be fully compatible with the Xbox One X when it releases, offering native 4K gameplay.

Look for it on the Xbox Store and Windows 10 Store simultaneously on launch day.

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