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Torchlight II rated as one of the best PC games of 2012

by William Schwartz


Runic Games released their long awaited dungeon crawler Torchlight II last week to critical acclaim. Perhaps overshadowed by bigger marketing budgets by the likes of Borderlands 2, the dungeon crawling, loot grinding, and colorful fantasy world has rated exceptionally with critics so far.

Praising Runic for its new twists on the popular gameplay mechanics that were seen in other popular games in the genre, Torchlight II is currently on pace to be one of, if not the best PC game released in 2012.

To sweeten the pot even more, Torchlight II comes in at a fraction of the cost of most other games. With online functionality, Steam Workshop mods on the way, and rock solid gameplay, this one is at least worth a try. A free demo is now available on Steam.

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