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Xbox One Price outed at $600

by William Schwartz


Some retailers are already taking pre-orders for the Xbox One, but no one, including Microsoft, has talked price for the new console. No one expected Microsoft to reveal the price of the Xbox One today, but a UK retailer might have jumped the gun.

According to Zavvi, the Xbox One is listed at £399.99. If this price point is correct, consumers in North America could see the Xbox One come in at around $600. We’ve seen retailers jump the gun like this in the past. Sometimes the rumors are true, and sometimes they turn out false, but we’ll treat this as unconfirmed for the time being.

Considering the hardware that Microsoft is including in the console, $600 might sound reasonable. A next-gen Kinect included in every box won’t be cheap.

Assuming this price point turns out to be true, would you buy an Xbox One for $600?

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