Valorant Update 6.02 Brings Several Nerfs to a Popular Smg

Update 6.02 may surprise you, so get ready to learn about this unexpected nerf

by Carlos Hurtado

Valorant is one of the biggest competitive shooters, and hundreds of thousands of players are active on their servers every day, climbing up the rank ladder and competing against other players to prove their skill level and confidence. In Valorant, there are many different weapons catered to different situations and budgets, and in Valorant Update 6.02, the developers nerfed the Stinger in more than one regard, so get ready to find out how the Stinger changed after update 6.02.

On February 7, the official Valorant website released the official Update 6.02 patch notes revealing all the changes and additions the update will bring to the game once it goes live. According to the update 6.02 patch notes, the Stinger received more than a few nerfs. The developers thought the Stinger was performing too well in ranged fights for its price, so they decided to increase its price and nerf its damage output.

Before Update 6.02, the Stinger used to cost 950, and now its cost is 1100. Besides this price change, the damage drop-off has been increased, meaning players will deal less damage at further ranges than before. All of this makes the Stinger slightly less effective at medium ranges, and with the price increase, many players will think twice before choosing this weapon over other SMGs or assault rifles.

Valorant Update 6.02 brought more than weapon balance changes. The update implemented many bug fixes that will improve players’ experience once it goes live. The developers focus on fixing some bugs on Lotus, one of the newest maps in the game, fixing some issues regarding footstep audio and audio volume overall.

The Frenzy and Bulldog also received a change in this update. Now their reload audio is quieter than other weapons in the third-person perspective.

Another bug affecting players’ experience was triggered when players lost their internet connection for 60 seconds or less; this would result in being disconnected from the game’s voice chat. Now after this update, players should not encounter this issue when their connection is back. All in all, this update will bring some needed fixes into Valorant, and most players will appreciate the work done by these developers.

Valorant is available now on PC. For more information about the game, go to the official Valorant Twitter page.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023