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Voice Actor Of Frieza Also Plays Frost In Dragon Ball Super

by Damian Seeto


Episode 33 of Dragon Ball Super introduced us to the new character of Frost from Universe 6. Fans may have noticed that the character sounded similar as this was no accident. This is because Frost and Frieza share the same Japanese voice actor.

As reported by Kanzenshuu, Ryūsei Nakao has been credited as the voice of Frost in episode 33 which just aired last Sunday. He has been the Japanese voice of Frieza for a very long time. Not to mention he’s been voiced many other characters from the wider Dragon Ball franchise as well.

If Funimation is still doing the English dub for Dragon Ball Super, it will be interesting to see who does the voice of Frost. In the original Funimation American dub for Dragon Ball Z, Linda Young voiced Frieza for over ten years.

However, Young was later recast in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F by Christopher Ayres. Ayres is likely to play both Frieza and Frost going forward if Funimation is still doing the English dub. According to Funimation, they have yet to be contacted by Toei Animation to dub the series in English.

Speaking of Frost, the character will be facing off against Piccolo in this Sunday’s episode of Dragon Ball Super. Look out for our full review for it later this week.

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