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War Mode Returns To PUBG on May 3rd

War Mode is heading to Miramar in timed event.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently hosted an event which featured War Mode.  This new spin on the PUBG formula was more of a Death Match than it was a Battle Royale and people seemed to like the change of pace.

Well War Mode is returning to PUBG on May 3rd and this time it will feature 10 five player squads on the Miramar map.  The rules do sound similar, however.  In War Mode for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, players jump out of plane and parachute onto the map, but instead of being given the opportunity to go where they want and fend for themselves, they must drop into a specific area of the map and are given a random starting weapon.

Back in April when the last War Mode event was held, the matches took place on Erangel.  Perhaps War Mode will make Miramar more enjoyable for PUBG players.

In this upcoming event, all players will spawn with a Care Package weapon, a Level 3 helmet and vest.  The first team to score 200 points is declared the victor.  The May War Mode Event starts on May 3rd at 7pm PST and will run until May 6th at 7pm PST.

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